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How to Effectively Deal with Bullying

Cool examples!!

What real Moms did for their kids!

I had no idea written complaints or such could be so effective!!

This one really made me laugh!!
“Thank you for your input.” LOL

A friend stopped her ex-husbands sarcasm by saying, 'Sarcasm kills/destroys communication' or something like that (maybe it was 'effective communication'. It shut him right up, and he became nicer.
Funny thing is, I told her that (without any idea of her using it in talking to him!) & was really surprised she A) Remembered it & B) Used it with great success!!

Interestingly, there's help for parents with overly critical kids too!
Some good consequences for unhelpful talk & behaviour, LOL!!

Sane advice for when you wanna be nasty here too:
Tags: bullying, dealing with put-down behaviour
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