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Arguing with Mom Over "Not Dressing Warmly"

Arguing with Mom Over "Not Dressing Warmly"
Two nights ago, I got into an arguement with my mom
about my wearing a pair of sweatpants and a soccer
shirt in mid to upper fifties degree temperature--this
was the mid-upper fifties outside: I was indoors so it was warmer but to
mom I "was not dressed warmly!" She ranted that I was
in danger of hypotherma, etc. I don't exactly live in Antartica
nor in the mid western, or Eastern US where it is in the deep freeze
in the winter, it doesn't even snow in the area I live in!

I overheat easily and I have to balance warmth with controling
overbuilding body heat. It takes a lot of cold before
I would put a sweater on. But then I once dressed relatively
cool in an unseasonably hot early December day and my
counselor thought I was freezing to death! I'm expected to dress
for the comfort of others, not myself. What can I do?
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